Music Competition 2021

Classic Pure Vienna is a competition organization based in Vienna, which aims to support young musicians of our time worldwide.

  • The competition is open to solo players, duos, or ensembles.

  • Participants can participate in any instrument. 

  • The competition is open to players of all nationalities and ages.

  • The jury will observe the overall instrumental capability and musicality of the candidate's performance

  • Musicians may bring their own accompanists.

  • If required an accompanist will be offered by Classical Pure Vienna



  • Award will be a promoted live concert in a Viennese Concert Hall with a professional live recording.*

  • All 6 finalists will be invited to perform at the final concert in Vienna, which will be organized and promoted by Classic Pure Vienna.

  • Each finalist soloist or ensemble will receive an amount of 250 € for their costs during the concert day.

  • Each finalist will receive a recording of the concert.




  • Video selection

  • Participants will send a video link of their performance to the address:


  • Participants are free to choose their repertoire.

  • The chosen piece should be at least three minutes in length.

  • The jury committee will choose the winners among the submitted videos of the participants.


        Live Concert

  • Selected finalists will be informed and invited to perform at the concert in Vienna. *

  • 6 participants will perform at the concert in front of the jury committee and the audience.

  • The program will be a maximum of 20 minutes per participant 

  • Participants are free to choose the work they are going to play.

  • It may be a piece from the videos or other work

  • The concert will be organized and promoted by Classic Pure Vienna

  • A professional recording of the concert will be shared with the participants after the concert.


        Please include the following documents and files in your application:

  • Video file or link of your performance

  • Name, address, the telephone of the contact person

  • Information about the performed work

  • A passport or id copy of the applicant

  • Proof of payment


    Registration fee

  •  Entry fee for the category the musician competition is as follows (transfer fee excluded)


         Solo:           75 €

         Duo:         105 €

         Trio:         135 €

         Quartet:  155 €

         Quintet:  175 €

  • Entry fee can be paid using the following data.

  • All transfer and bank charges are to be covered by the applicant

        (in EUROZONE


        Bank: Bank Austria UniCredit
        Name: Culture Meeting Point
        IBAN: AT96 1200 0006 0177 8103
        Bank Code (BIC/swift): BKAUATWW
        Address: UniCredit Bank Austria AG. Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna/AUSTRIA


       PayPal account:

  • If Paypal is not allowed in your country or you need a national bank account to avoid high transfer costs, please contact us.

        Currency: Euro

  • A jury assembled by Classic Pure Vienna will judge the scores. The Jury’s decisions cannot be appealed.

  • By agreeing to take part in the competition, all competitors undertake to accept and not to contest these decisions. The jury is not required to provide personal feedback and comments on participating performances.

  • Jury members are Burghard Toelke, Mirza Kapetanovic, Chikara Shiojima, Cagri  Beklen, Oleg Marshev, Eldar Hudiev, Igor Petrushevsky, Farkhad Khudyev.


    Office Classic Pure Vienna
    Diefenbachgasse 54/2c+d 
    A-1150 Wien Austria


* in case of a cancellation due to the covid-19 protection measures, the Classic Pure Vienna team will verify an alternative date with the musicians and customers of the affected concert.