Culture Meeting Point (since 1995) is pleased to present the International Singing Competition 2018.


1st Prize                  2000 €                                    


2nd Prize                 1750 €                                      


3rd Prize                  1500 €                                       


Best Vienna classics performance


Best Franz Schubert performance


Accessory prizes


- The competition is open to singers of all nationalities. 

- There is no age restriction.

- Participants can participate solo or with an accompanying instrument.

- An accompanist can be provided if required.

Singing competition



- Video selection

- Participants will send a video link of their performance to the address:

2nd Round

 -6 participants will perform in front of the jury in Vienna on 13th November 2018

 -Program will consist of three parts

        Part 1: Performance of a composition from Vienna classics (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven)

        Part 2: Performance of a composition by Franz Schubert

        Part 3: Performance of a free chosen work

-Program will be a maximum of 30 minutes per participant 

-Jury will announce the winners on concert day


 Please include the following documents and files in your application:

- Video file or link of your performance
- Name, address, the telephone of the contact person
- Information about the performed work
- A passport or id copy of the applicant
- Proof of payment


- Participants will send a video of their performance between 2 and 15 minutes.

- Video files or links should be sent to the following address:


 - Entry fee is 100 € per applicant

-Entry fee can be paid using the following data. All transfer and bank charges are to be covered by the applicant.

Bank: Bank Austria UniCredit
Name: Culture Meeting Point
IBAN: AT96 1200 0006 0177 8103


If Paypal is not allowed in your country or you need a national bank account to avoid high transfer costs, please contact us.

Currency: Euro


- Applications including the video files should be received by 17th October 2018
- Chosen applicants will be informed on 22nd October 2018

- Final concert will be on 13th November 2018

Culture Meeting Point
Office Classic Pure Vienna
Diefenbachgasse 54/2c+d 
A-1150 Wien Austria

Deadline: 17th October 2018

Announcement: 22nd October 2018

Concert: 13th November 2018