​      PAYMENT

  • The entry fee for the category of the composition competition of 30 € for each composition (transfer fee excluded)

  • The entry fee for the category of the musician competition is as follows (transfer fee excluded)


         Solo:           75 €

         Duo:         105 €

         Trio:         135 €

         Quartet:  155 €

         Quintet:  175 €


      via Bank transfer (in EUROZONE https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/euro/which-countries-use-euro_en)


      Bank: Bank Austria UniCredit
      Name: Culture Meeting Point
      IBAN: AT96 1200 0006 0177 8103
      Bank Code (BIC/swift): BKAUATWW
      Address: UniCredit Bank Austria AG Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna/AUSTRIA



      via Paypal transfer to:
      PayPal.Me: www.paypal.me/CultureMeetingPoint

      PayPal account: verein.culturemeetingpoint@gmail.com


      *If Paypal is not allowed in your country or you need a national bank account to avoid high transfer costs, please contact us.