Composition Competition 2020

Concert and prize ceremony on 7th July 2019 at Mozarthaus Vienna, Bösendorfersaal

Rodrigo Domingos

Composer from Brazil 
received the grand prize
with his composition

"Lamento da Alma". 

Elvis Claro

Composer from Brazil received the second prize with his composition

"The Designer".

Showan Tavakol

Canadian based Iranian composer received the third prize with his original composition




GRAND PRIZE:   Marcin Gumiela "Sempre nella memoria di Mariana" & Massimo De Lillo "L'oro et le perle e i fior' vermigli e i bianchi"

SECOND PRIZE: Ting Zang "Music and dance of ancient China" & Roberto Sansuini "Four Tales for Small Orchestra"   

THIRD PRIZE:      Xiaoran Jiang "Time Crevasse"

HONORABLE MENTION: Amr Okba "Corona", Aristide Moari "Viennese Tango", Caroline Bordignon "Breath", Danny Devillier "The                                                                Busy, Busy Bean and the Ravenous Beeks", Francesco Bottigliero "Das Spanische Mädchen", Leah Reid "Apple"

PROMISING YOUNG COMPOSERS: Du Yike "Poetry", Jingyi Zhang "Ethereal", Jonathan David Vincent Platz "The Pursued"

                                                                      Mingtang Chen "Midnight", Somesh Yatham "Apollo", Tijana Bugarčić "Untitled Waltz"


We would like to thank all the composers for their high-quality works submitted to the Vienna Classic Pure Composition Competition 2020. We appreciate the enormous effort, passion, dedication, and time to create them and hope to encourage you to keep on composing and pass this tradition on to future generations.

Ailin Yang

composed by Artificial Intelligence received Honorable Mention with composition

"A.I."  for violin and piano

Aspasia Nasopoulou

Composer from Greece received Honorable Mention with her composition

"Jo-Ha-Kyu" for violin

David A. Jaffe

Composer from the U.S.A. received Honorable Mention with his composition

"Clouck Ould Hen" for violin 

Jan Zygmunt

Composer from Poland received Honorable Mention with his composition

"Modern Storyline"  for violin and cello

Miguel Herreros

Composer from Spain received Honorable Mention with his composition

"Fasic"  for guitar.

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